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“I could find people anxious to cherry pick through it but nobody considered the complete collection. I found it very upsetting till I contacted the Archive Of Contemporary Music and got a positive response. Now I feel overjoyed that, feeling the value and importance of my collection of 60 years, it now has a new home with the ARC (and the Internet Archive) where it can be appreciated.”
Daniel McNeil, collector

Join our project to preserve great 78s.  We are looking for partners to help in a variety of ways:

(L-R) George Blood, Jessica Thompson, Bob George, Brewster Kahle

  • Share knowledge. Help us improve metadata, curate the collection, contact collectors, do research on the corpus, etc.
  • Include your digitized collection. If you have already digitized 78s or related books or media, we’d like to include your work in the collection.
  • Digitize your collection.  We’ve worked hard to make digitization safe, fast and affordable, so if you’d like to digitize your collection we can help.
  • Donate 78s.  We will digitize your collection and preserve the physical discs for the long term.


Contact for collectors:

Bob George
Curator of Music, Internet Archive
(212) 226-6967


Or send a message to the Internet Archive below: